Product & Services

Agruline Piping Systems
PE 100 and PE 80 piping system for gas and water supply. PE 3408 Fitting system in IPS standard.

Industrial Piping Systems
Piping systems out of PP, PE 100, PE 80, PPs, PPs-el, PE 80-el, PVDF and ECTFE for industrial applications. Dual piping systems for the transport of aggressive media.

PVDF-UHP, PP-Pure and Polypure piping systems for the distribution of Ultra-Pure-Water in semiconductor-and pharmaceutical industry.

Concrete Protection
Sure Grip concrete protective liners and installation-accessories out of PP, PE, PVDF and ECTFE for the protection of concrete structures against abrasion and chemical corrosion.

Agrusan & Agruair
AGRUSAN piping system for sanitary installation - warm and cold water out of PP-RAGRUAIR piping system for the distribution of compressed air out of PE 100.

Semi Finished Products
Sheets, bars and welding rods out of PP, PE, PPs, PPs-el, PE 80-el, PVDF and ECTFE for the manufactoring of tanks and for use in apparatus engineering.

Lining Systems
Liners and installation accessories made of HDPE, VLDPE, FPP and FPO for applications in landfill engineering, hydraulic engineering and tunnel engineering.

Pumping Applications
Since 1872, Wilo have continuously developed innovative solutions that set new international standards in the industry. Wilo has a goal to not only the first to solve challenges, but to be the best as well.

For Wilo, progress is defined only by offering genuine improvement to their customers. This includes not just major innovations but also small details that speed up processes, simplify routine jobs or make decisions easier. The result is highly user-friendly, efficient, high-quality products and solutions that set standards in the market or influence new policies.

Welding Equipment
Agru Australia has an exclusive supply agreement with Italian high pressure butt welding machine manufacturer, Ital Tecnodue. With their innovative range of PTCAR Machines, Agru has the means to assist you and your business to ensure an efficient butt welding process and excellent end product.

Agru Australia also supplies a range of Electrofusion welders, direct from Acuster Global, a company of Grupo Acuster which is  dedicated to the design and distribution of equipment for fusion thermoplastic pipes (PE, PP, etc.) as well as machinery for drilling and cutting of all types of pipes.

Asahi Valves
ASAHI Valves have been utilised by Australian and New Zealand industry for more than 35 years. Producing high quality industrial Plastic Valves for Corrosion Resistant applications, Asahi Valves are the first choice of engineers around the world for difficult applications with hostile fluids.

Backing Rings & Blind Flanges
Agru Australia supply a specialist range of galvanised and stainless steel backing rings and blind flanges to suit all PE Piping Systems. These include Table D and E, ANSI and AS487, with all ANSI Backing Rings now PIPA 007 Full Specification.